Upgrading from Perforce to AccuRev SCM

Perforce provides a fast version control system for organizations requiring a commercially supported tool. With built-in jobs for issue tracking and important merge tracking capabilities, Perforce has more robust functionality than open source tools such as CVS and Subversion provide. The capabilities of Perforce to truly support complex parallel and geographically distributed development, however, are limited.

AccuRev enables complex parallel development and supports any development methodology. The graphical StreamBrowser provides all users complete visibility into the organization’s software development process and allows users to perform all operations from a single, comprehensive graphical user interface. AccuRev fully supports namespace versioning and correctly handles the merging of renamed files and directories, and provides a graphical change palette tool to enable simple merging between code configurations. Finally, AccuRev provides comprehensive change package functionality which allows users to perform operations on complete sets of changes instead of individual files. Utilizing a stream-based architecture, AccuRev provides more comprehensive functionality to better support organizations with complex development needs than any file-based, branch and label system, including Perforce, can.
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P4 branching video
AccuRev private branches video
Utilizing Private Branches

Learn how built-in private versioning in AccuRev workspaces increases developer productivity.

P4 refactoring video
AccuRev refactoring video
Refactoring Support

Learn how AccuRev's code refactoring support seamlessly handles renaming and moving elements and simplifies the merge process.

P4 lack of changes package video
AccuRev merge tracking video
Change Packages

Learn how developers can follow a changed-based workflow with AccuRev change packages.

P4 retargeting video
AccuRev retargeting video
Retargeting Work to
Future Release

Learn how developers and release engineers can easily move changes to a new release in AccuRev.
Free AccuRev vs. Perforce Competitive Analysis

This document compares AccuRev to Perforce. AccuRev is the only software configuration management (SCM) system that enables and integrates any development methodology (such as Agile, Waterfall, and RUP) with an organization’s existing software assets. Perforce is an inexpensive version control tool, providing easy source code version control for small projects with limited process needs, but lacking the necessary functionality to handle the SCM requirements of larger, distributed teams with sophisticated development processes. AccuRev’s architecture is designed to address the requirements of today’s complex parallel and globally distributed application development processes, and enables organizations to dynamically manage and adapt their application development processes to their changing business needs.