Getting by with ClearCase

Your development process is generally stable and working today, but of course it could be improved to meet your current development requirements if you only had the time to write the necessary scripts. Developers basically know how to get their job done with ClearCase and generally follow the documented software development process, yet they wouldn't describe ClearCase as something they truly like using, or even fully understand how to use.

There may be some level of integration between ClearCase and your issue/defect tracking solution; however, it is not what you would consider to be an optimally efficient workflow. Person-years have been invested in ClearCase scripting and you have an automated build process with a set schedule. While the process is fairly rigid, it does work. You are outsourcing more and more of your engineering, and you need to improve productivity and solve mastership issues for your outsourced and remote teams.
Top 5 Reasons to Switch from ClearCase to AccuRev

Geographically distributed and outsourced application development using ClearCase MultiSite or ClearCase Remote Client is not economically or practically sustainable. When ClearCase was first deployed, you had fewer distributed users, and outsourced development probably wasn't even on your roadmap. Today, the costs, complications and compromises of managing remote teams with ClearCase are prohibitive and not necessary.

See AccuRev vs. ClearCase in Action
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  • Enforced Hierarchy for Appropriate Staging
  • Built-in Private Versioning
  • Collaboration
  • Retargeting work in progress
The AccuRev Advantage over ClearCase

This document compares the core capabilities of AccuRev to those of IBM Rational ClearCase, with a focus on the fundamental technical advantages and corresponding business value that validate why AccuRev is the best choice for highly parallel and geographically distributed development teams that require an optimal productivity-to-cost ratio.

Free Competitive Analysis

This document compares AccuRev to IBM Rational ClearCase.  Comparisons are made for both base ClearCase and ClearCase using UCM.  The comparison begins with qualitative aspects of both tools.  Performance benchmarks are then provided for basic SCM operations. 

Competitive Analysis Performance & Scalability Analysis
The Joy of Moving from ClearCase to AccuRev
- Chris Walquist Walquist Consulting Inc.

"With AccuRev, a new intermediate stream is a near-trivial matter of right-clicking a new stream and dragging the existing stream (or workspace) under the new stream. The pain of ClearCase config specs is a dim memory."

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