Borland AccuRev’s integrations make it easy for teams to tie in tools from the rest of the stack to provide a configurable solution for any environment.


Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

Borland AccuRev integrates with the leading IDEs allowing developers the ability to perform AccuRev commands from right inside the IDE.


Microsoft Visual Studio
JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA
Windows Explorer


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Version Control Systems

Borland AccuRev connects to other version control systems. Easily migrate from ClearCase or take full advantage of Git with our connectors.


IBM Rational ClearCase


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Issue Tracking Systems

Borland AccuRev provides deep integrations with popular issue tracking systems, and change packages provide a definitive link between source code changes and issues in your ITS.


Atlassian JIRA
HP Quality Center
IBM Rational ClearQuest
TechExcel DevTrack


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Agile Project Management

Borland AccuRev’s integrations with Agile project management tools allow teams to easily see what user stories have been checked in and all the code associated with those stories.


Rally Software


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Continuous Integration / Build Tools

Integrations with build and continuous integration tools allow you to kick-off automated builds at any step of your development process to ensure that your code works.


Hudson - 3rd Party Integration
Urbancode - 3rd Party Integration
Electric Cloud ElectricCommander - 3rd Party Integration
Atlassian Bamboo - 3rd Party Integration
Thoughworks CruiseCOntrol.NET - 3rd Party Integration
Jenkins - 3rd Party Integration


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Code Review Tools

Easily select code to review right from Borland AccuRev and set up email notifications and locks on streams that have not been code reviewed.


SmartBear CodeCollaborator - 3rd Party Integration


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Other Tools


LDAP - AccuRev Intergration


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Build Your Own


Don’t see an integration for a tool you use? Borland AccuRev makes it easy to build your own with the AccuBridge Software Development Kit (SDK). Contact to get the details.