GitCentric (formerly Kando) provides developers the freedom to use Git without compromising the benefits of an enterprise class Software Change and Configuration Management (SCCM) platform. GitCentric allows the power and flexibility of Git to be augmented with security, auditability, and development process visualization.


How does it work?

An administrator designates Git repositories to which developers push and pull. With GitCentric, that administrator maps Git branches to AccuRev Smart Streams. This enables development teams to manage and visualize relationships between Git repos and branches with integrated AccuRev issue tracking and security.


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GitCentric Diagram



  • Control and scalability for Git in the enterprise.
  • Streamlines code review process for Git Users using Gerrit
  • Facilitates scalability of Git users within Enterprise
  • Your enterprise software code is secure and your development is compliant
  • Managers, testers, release engineers, and developers always stay on the same page
  • Features and fixes can get out the door exactly when you need them
  • Git developers continue to use Git natively in a secure environment, no disruptions


  • Git commit history import to AccuRev streams New
  • Built-in Gerrit Code Review New
  • Enterprise security & administration tools New
  • Visualization and drag-and-drop control of development process
  • Fully integrated issue tracking system
  • Change packages and dependency analysis for issue-based development
  • All Git repositories may be mapped to powerful AccuRev Smart Streams
  • Authentication and support for LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory