Workflow & Process Modeling

AccuRev makes it easy to model your development process by level of code maturity within the tool from the developer’s private workspace all the way to the production stream and every step between (including integration, continuous integration builds, regression testing, QA, user acceptance testing, etc.).



The AccuRev StreamBrowserTM brings the power of streams to the desktop by enabling users to visualize and manage their development process in an easy-to-use, platform-independent interface. With simple click and drag-and-drop operations, users can create and modify streams, merge code between streams, view and port issues between streams, and more.


Stream Filters

With AccuRev stream filters, users can tailor their view of the AccuRev stream hierarchy to see just those streams that are of interest to them, improving productivity and scalability.



AccuRev workflows give teams the assurance that their software development process is followed, documented, and secure. Workflows go beyond checking a file into a stream; they give software development teams the ability to truly map their development process against their version control system and their issue tracking system.


Security and File Permissions

AccuRev provides enterprise-class security via secure authentication, access control lists for streams and depots, and custom triggers to fine-tune security policy.