Version Control

Borland AccuRev provides a scalable, advanced version control solution that delivers essential version control functionality in addition to providing a comprehensive graphical configuration and code-line management facility. AccuRev’s stream-based architecture enables you to securely version in-progress code and retains it privately within a developer workspace or shares it with team members.

Version Browser



GitCentric (new)

GitCentric provides developers the freedom to use Git as their version control solution, without compromising the benefits of an enterprise class Software Change and Configuration Management (SCCM) platform.

Advanced Merge Tracking

With AccuRev advanced merge tracking, determining which files require merges and performing the actual merge is easy. AccuRev streams assure that the full history of all files participating in a merge is tracked so that complex merges can be understood at a glance.


With AccuRev snapshots, code lines can be “labeled” instantaneously to uniquely identify any code line and allow for reproducing builds in the future. This is critical for processes such as continuous integration that require frequent builds from identifiable code lines.

Crosslinks and Symbolic Links

AccuRev crosslinks and symbolic links enable teams to share pre-built components and 3rd party libraries without the need to store these artifacts in multiple locations.

History Annotation View

The innovative history annotation view provides developers with a fully annotated view of any source file. Users can view historic versions of files just by dragging the version slider. This enables quick comparisons and helps improve the efficiency of code reviews.

TimeSafe Architecture

Unlike legacy version control systems where it is easy to remove code, AccuRev employs the TimeSafe® architecture. By utilizing an append-only database and atomic transactions, AccuRev assures that a consistent and immutable audit trail is preserved for all operations. This makes audits and regulatory compliance fact-based and safe.

AccuReplica Real-time Replication

Distributed teams using AccuReplica servers can collaborate as if they were co-located. Real-time synchronization of all check-ins across any number of replicas allows teams to work efficiently, without having to wait for syncs.