Remove constraints to release faster and deliver more.

Borland AccuRev’s unique, stream-based architecture allows you to model and manage your entire software development process within the tool. Streams enable you to eliminate the headaches associated with branching and merging, automate common workflow tasks, increase development throughput, and allow the development organization to easily scale with growth. Because of this unique architecture, our customers can react faster to shifting market demands and achieve levels of productivity that were previously unrealizable, providing them with a real competitive advantage in the market.

Give your developers more time to code.

Through streams, many of the trivial merging tasks your developers perform on a daily basis can be completely automated. AccuRev graphically displays all streams and their relationship to one another ensuring that your developers always know where to get the latest changes including all of the dependencies in the process cutting out the need for excessive communication and meetings. This ultimately means developers are freed up to produce more and higher quality code.

Release new features and fixes on demand.

AccuRev enables your development teams to work at the change level, allowing your developers to share only completed issues and the whole team to instantly see all code associated with those issues providing true change-based traceability. Features and fixes can be moved from one release to another with a simple drag-and-drop operation without the need to plan every feature and fix in a release several weeks or months in advance.

Adapt business processes as needed.

Because your process is modeled and managed in AccuRev, adapting your business processes to embrace new development methodologies and practices or add more teams and projects can be done with the click of a mouse. Even if some teams are using Agile, some are using waterfall, and others are some hybrid of the two, AccuRev gives your teams the ability to understand where they are in the process, making sure each member of the team is on the same page visually no matter where they’re located.

Improve and sustain quality.

Streams guard against regressions by automatically merging down changes in parent/child relationships, guaranteeing any fixes that make it to production filter down to all of the streams teams are working on. Triggers and workflow rules allow teams to set up code review, automated tests, and continuous integration builds at any step of the process to make sure changes pass quality standards and developers are working with clean code.

Secure your code and ensure compliance.

AccuRev provides authentication and access control lists to ensure that only your authorized personnel have access to your code. Our TimeSafe architecture guarantees that nothing can violate the integrity of your history, and builds can be reproduced from any time in the past making regulatory compliance a simple task. Workflow rules allow you to rest easy knowing that the process in place is always followed, and change packages tie issues directly to code changes providing a full audit trail.