Git for the Enterprise

Git for the Enterprise

Is your management team blocking your Git initiatives due to concerns over control, security, and scalability?  

As a development tool, Git is fast, provides powerful branching and merging capabilities, enables easy collaboration, and as a distributed version control system it supports multi-location and offline development. But there are real challenges when using Git in an enterprise software environment which block management teams from adopting Git.

Can your organization address the Git enterprise challenges?  
Yes, you can!  

Borland AccuRev with GitCentric adds enterprise capabilities to Git and allows your organization to realize its true development potential.

Here are some enterprise benefits:

Secure your code

Secure your code

Provide all Git developers with access controls and authentication. Secure your code and always know who is accessing the code, where the access points are, and what has changed.

  Satisfy Audit and Compliance Guidelines

Satisfy audit and compliance guidelines

Secure the Git history and enable full process and code traceability. Enable the organization to know the true state of the code by understanding and verifying each change and change request.

Integrate continuously

Remove the code chaos

Expand the scope of Git by bringing scalability to your repositories. By centralizing the development environment, your organization can eliminate the nightmares of code chaos with complex manual merges across multiple single repositories.

  Define Done

Enable process control and traceability

Centralize your code and bring control to your software development process. Funnel all changes to a centralized environment and reap the benefits of a visual control model where code follows well defined workflows and is always traceable.

With GitCentric, Enterprise development organizations can finally realize the true potential of using Git in their developer community. Download additional resources to learn more about Git for the Enteprise or GitCentric today.