Preface : Using This Book

Using This Book
This book assumes you are familiar with your operating system and its commands, as well as with general AccuRev and AccuWork concepts. For more information on using the AccuRev Java GUI and CLI, see the user documentation and online help devoted to those products.
The remaining chapters in this book provide an overview of AccuSync and tell you how to create and manage an AccuSync Configuration:
Describes how to get started using the AccuRev Web UI, including procedures for logging in to AccuRev and what to expect the first time you start the Web UI.
Provides an overview of the main features of the Web UI, including views like the StreamBrowser, Version Browser, History Browser, and how to use them.
Describes how to use AccuWork, AccuRev’s integrated change management and issue tracking system, including AccuWorkflow, an optional tool for integrating the AccuRev SCM with the AccuWork issue tracking system.
Describes how to configure and manage workflows using AccuRev’s optional application lifecycle tool, AccuWorkflow.

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