AccuRev Packages

AccuRev 6.1 Installation Packages


  • By clicking any download link, you are agreeing to the US export control regulations. See details.
  • The AccuRev license-key format changed at Version 5.0. Before upgrading to Version 6.x from Version 4.x, you must contact AccuRev support at
  • AccuRev offers numerous AccuRev integrations with third-party integrated development environment (IDE) and issue tracking system (ITS) tools.

AccuRev Software Download

The packages below include the graphical and command-line AccuRev clients, the AccuRev Server, the AccuWork issue tracking system, the AccuWorkflow project management system, the AccuRev Web Interface, and complete documentation.

Please review the AccuRev 6.1.0 Installation and Release Notes (PDF) before downloading and installing the software.

Matrix Platform Support Matrix for AccuRev 6.1.0

Platform Downloads   OS Version Notes
Windows Windows exe | gz | zip   2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7, 8 5
Windows Windows (Client Only Install) exe | gz | zip   2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7, 8 -
Solaris Solaris (sparc) Important info bin | gz | zip   10, 11 3, 5
Solaris Solaris (sparc) (Client Only Install) bin | gz | zip   10, 11 -
Solaris Solaris (x86)Important info bin | gz | zip   10, 11 3, 5
Solaris Solaris (x86) (Client Only Install) bin | gz | zip   10, 11 -
Linux Linux (x86) bin | gz | zip   2.6+ 1, 5
Linux Linux (x86) (Client Only Install) bin | gz | zip   2.6+ 1
HP HP-UX (PA-RISC) (Client Only Install) bin | gz | zip   11.00+ -
Mac Mac OS X (PowerPC/x86 ) (Client Only Install) zip   10.6+ 2


GitCentric Download - 2013.3

To use GitCentric (formerly Kando) with AccuRev versions 5.6 and up, download the package below.

For details, see the GitCentric Installation and Release Notes (PDF), which you can view before downloading the software.  

Platform Downloads   Java Version Notes
Linux Linux (x86) installer doc rel notes   1.6+ 4, 5


Other Downloads


3rd Party Software

For extracting ZIP packages on Windows: WinZip
For extracting ZIP packages: Info-ZIP
For extracting GZ packages: gzip

For access to source code distribute under the GPL/LGPL click here
For reading PDF documentation: Adobe Reader
For custom installations (not normally needed): Java
For time synchronization:


Platform Support Notes


Note 1
To determine your Linux operating system version, run uname -r in a command shell. Linux systems must be at version 2.6 or higher.

Note 2
Mac OSX Support is Client Only.

Note 3
Solaris 11 uses If after installing AccuRev your AccuRev Server does not start, create a symlink to point to the proper library:

As root:

  1. cd /lib/64.
  2. ln -s

Note 4
Git version or higher is required on the GitCentric server.

Note 5
There is a defect in AccuRev 6.1 with GitCentric installs. Please do not install AccuRev 6.1 if you have GitCentric installed. We will be issuing a patch for this against AccuRev 6.1 in early May.