A checksum is a calculated value that allows you to detect any errors that might have been introduced into a file during its transmission from a web server to a local machine. This document tells you how to verify the integrity of the AccuRev installation package download using the cksum utility.

Windows Users

Unlike some other operating systems, Windows does not have a native cksum utility. You need to install a cksum utility before continuing. Many cksum utilities are freely available on the Internet.

Verifying the AccuRev Download

NOTE: This procedure verifies the integrity of the download package, and not the success of the installation itself.

  1. If necessary, download and install a cksum utility.
  2. Download the AccuRev installation package
    (AccuRevWebGUI_2011_3_standalone.zip or AccuRev_5_3_0_Windows.zip, for example).
  3. Download the AccuRev checksums (cksum_webgui.txt or cksum_acc.txt, for example).
  4. At a command prompt, execute the checksum utility against the installation package. For example:

    C:\Users\dfoster\Downloads>cksum AccuRevWebGUI_2011_3_standalone.zip

    cksum returns two values. For example:

    991310669 24443093 AccuRevWebGUI_2011_3_standalone.zip

  5. Verify that the pair of numbers returned by the cksum utility is the same as that in the cksum .txt file you downloaded in step 3.

    If the numbers match, proceed with the AccuRev installation.

    If the numbers do not match, download the installation package and verify it using cksum again.

    If you are unable to match the checksum numbers after three attempts, contact support@accurev.com.