Version Control is the management of multiple revisions of the same unit of information, typically a file or directory. It is most commonly used in engineering and software development to manage ongoing development of digital documents like application source code.

AccuRev solves the problem associated with traditional file-based, branch and label version control tools with a modern, stream-based architecture that combines a flexible software development release process with integrated issue-tracking directly in the version control GUI. More advanced version control features and merge tracking become critical with larger enterprise applications with multiple release versions managed in parallel, and teams of developers, especially when geographically distributed or offshore teams come into play.

AccuRev provides the following version control features:

  • Ability to roll back (revert) to a previous version of a given file
  • Compare two versions of a file, highlighting differences
  • Provide a mechanism of locking, forcing serialized change to any given file
  • Create branches that allow for parallel concurrent development
  • Complete history is maintained for all operations, resulting in an audit trail on each and every file, including versions, modified date, and user.