AccuRev Integration Support Matrix

Supported   Fully supported and will be enhanced.
End-of-Life   This is the last AccuRev build for this platform.
Not Supported   Either not yet supported or no longer supported.
The following integrations are supported on Windows only: Visual Studio, Windows Explorer, ClearQuest, HP Quality Center, and MKS. All other AccuRev integrations are supported on Windows and Linux-x86.


  AccuRev Integration
Latest Version Support


(supports RAD 7.0)       3.3.x Supported
3.4 Supported
3.5 Supported
3.6 Supported
3.7 Supported
4.x Supported


6.x End-of-Life
7.x End-of-Life
8.x End-of-Life
9.x End of Life
10.x Supported
11.x Supported
12.x Supported
13.x Supported

Visual Studio

Access 2003 End-of-Life
2003 End-of-Life
Other MS-SCCAPI End-of-Life
VS 2005 / 2008 PE End-of-Life
VS  2010 / 2012 / 2013 PE Supported

Atlassian Crucible

2.7.x or higher Supported

Windows Explorer

Win 2000, XP End-of-Life
Win Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit) Supported
Win Vista, 7, 8 (64-bit) Supported


OpenLDAP Supported
Active Directory Supported

Rally Enterprise Edition





3.7.x End-of-Life
3.9 End-of-Life
3.13x End-of-Life
4.0 - 4.2 Supported by AccuBridge and AccuSync
5.0.1 Supported by AccuBridge and AccuSync
5.1 Supported by AccuSync only
6.x Supported by AccuSync only


2.20 (2.20.6) End-of-Life
2.224.x End-of-Life
3.0.x (3.0.3) Supported
3.2.x Supported
3.3.x Supported
3.4.x Supported
3.6.x Supported


6.0 Supported
7.0 Supported
7.1 Supported

HP Quality Center

9.0 Supported
9.2 Supported
10.0 Supported
11.0 Supported

MKS Integrity